Visual Condition Report



If your home is more than 25 years old, the electrical wiring needed for your lights, cooker, and other electrical equipment and appliances may be potentially unsafe. The wiring could be deteriorating and unable to cope with the requirements of a modern household and your home could catch fire because of faulty and/or unsafe wiring.


How old is your home?


Has the electrical wiring been checked recently by an electrical expert to make sure it is safe and poses no danger to your family, yourself and visitors?

The purpose of a visual-only inspection of a domestic electrical installation is to determine so far as is reasonably practicable, whether the installation has any visually evident defects or has suffered and damage or deterioration which may affect its safety. The domestic visual condition report provides an assessment of the condition of the electrical installation taking into account the limitations of a visual only inspection.

Items included in the Inspection:

Wiring condition checks

Consumer unit / Fuse board condition checks

Damage / Wear & tear on switches / sockets etc.

Functional operation of smoke detectors. (Mains only)

Functional testing of electrical accessories

Earthing checks


All reports are in a pdf format and can be emailed or printed


See sample Report here :

Domestic Visual Condition Report